Sea Travel: A Personal Preference

Long before our author's sea travel days, it all begins in Brooklyn and his life growing up getting to see the Brooklyn Dodgers play, Jackie Robinson and his favorite place to go every Sunday, Coney Island. We read about the nitty-gritty of growing up on Brooklyn roads and of early sea travel dreams. He tells us how he became so interested in sea travel and a maritime career and of the many disappointments along the way.

Parents often preprogram their children with what they expect of them as a person such as respect, honesty, hard work, plus what they want them to be. Being a doctor was what his father wanted for our author, but sea travel and learning how to man and build ships, and more, was his dream and heart's desire. Encouraged at a young age by his grandfather, Nick learns how to create and build model ships and to respect the power of the sea.

Entering the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and going on many journeys, the reader enters the world of sea travel and learns the many hardships, dangers and exciting experiences he endured until he finally graduated and fulfilled his dream. The author recounts many experiences away from home on different ships and his fondness of England, Scotland and living in London. Each event described and every sea travel journey he takes on each ship allows the reader to understand more fully his love of sea travel, maritime work and why serving our country in the navy was so vital to who this man became.

White Sails Became Me is a great book for anyone who derives pleasure from reading about sea travel, life at sea and wants to vicariously step aboard ship!

"Outstanding Memoir" by Fran Lewis, Reviewer