Oriental Culture

Oriental culture has always held a special kind of fascination for most westerners. Having lived in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan for nearly eight years, and having traveled to China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Korea, India, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, I can say the fascination with Oriental culture is well placed.

Living in Japan was a stimulating experience, offering scenic beauty and the opportunity to observe one of the world's most unique Oriental cultures. I offer insightful observations about Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, which is considered by some to be a cornerstone of Oriental culture. I discuss Hiroshima, site of the first atomic bomb attack and discuss the controversy surrounding it. You'll be intrigued with my observations of the uniquely Japanese geisha, as you will with the Japanese proclivity for suicide.

And can there be any component of Oriental culture more endearing than sakura zensen, the cherry blossom season in Japan? Celebrated for centuries, cherry blossoms have come to symbolize for the Japanese the transience of life because of their short blooming times. While living in Singapore and Taiwan and traveling to China, I learned of the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui, which has been around for more than 3,500 years. The ultimate goal is that all components blend in harmony to create balance in one's business or life. Perceived by some misinformed westerners as Oriental culture voodoo, I give firsthand accounts of Feng Shui effectiveness.

My visit to Taiwan in 2007 reinforced my opinion that Chinese food, an integral part of Oriental culture, is at its best in Taiwan, better than anything I have tasted in any Chinese restaurant or home. These are but a few morsels of Oriental culture you will find in White Sails, which includes brilliant color illustrations depicting Oriental culture.