Nautical Book: Sailing Beyond the Sea

Rarely does a nautical book go beyond the sea. White Sails is a nautical book that does just that! While the central theme is enough to fill a nautical book, here, you will also share extraordinary adventures of travel, terrorism, family and military sagas, survival, cultural treasures, tragedies and other stories for every interest.

Readers interested in Asian cultures will be intrigued by my many exotic Oriental excursions. Some may find solace reading about family battles with cancer and schizophrenia. Others may be amused to find in a nautical book a discussion of my efforts at acting and screen modeling hobbies, which led to memberships in SAG and AFTRA. Some will get a sense of the gratification that comes with doing volunteer work at a VA hospital.

Another segment of this nautical book chronicles the gradual failure of a thirty-four-year marriage. Military enthusiasts will marvel at the emotional drama experienced during visits to Normandy and Iwo Jima commemorating the fiftieth and sixtieth anniversaries of the battles and surprised to find it in a nautical book.

Here is a nautical book that goes beyond the sea in a story about an immigrant family. You will see how I took a seafaring passion, and turned it into a successful career, hobby, and lifestyle, much of it beyond the sea. You will share the tragedies that befell my family, and how we survived by virtue of a strong determination to fulfill our destiny in America.

White Sails is essentially a nautical book that shows how, in fulfilling that destiny, we labored in its shipyards, learned in its classrooms, toiled in its shops, prayed in its churches, sailed under its flag, and fought and died in its wars. For that, I, Nick Starace, owe it everything.