Model Ship Building—A Legacy in the Making

I've seen the world from ship-decks. But you could say it took the miniature version—model ship building—for me to see my family and the path my life would take. Years from now when my grandsons read this book I want them to know and understand the path my life took, for that defines my legacy. Model ship building is an integral part of that legacy.

Like my paternal grandfather, I take special pleasure in the historical side of model ship building. His subjects were always about American ships with white sails. Inspired by him, it has always been my philosophy to only build models that reflect a part of America's maritime heritage. Following his legacy, I soon focused on two of this country's most historical maritime legends—the steamboat sternwheeler, and the American clipper.

Model ship building is about deriving pleasure from time spent doing or creating something special, regardless of the results and skill level. You're in model ship building because you love it. Few things can match the gratification that goes with standing back admiring something you've created, and sharing it with those closest to you.

White Sails Became Me gives you vivid descriptions and photographs of model ship building from static-display museum-quality models to radio-controlled models. I share with you many of the intricate details of my "Best-of-Show" models. You will learn about those aspects of model ship building that play a vital role in predicting ship performance and the training of ship operators. I discuss the glory days of the American clipper and the steamboat sternwheeler, the latter of which was spawned by the concept of Manifest Destiny. This is but a glimpse of the model ship building treasures to be found in this book.