Military Veterans: We Stand with Bended Head

A portion of this book is devoted to the military veterans who have served our country in the military during peace and war. They have inspired so much of what this book is all about. Military veterans serve out of a sense of duty. I am honored to use this book as a way expressing my gratitude to all military veterans for their unwavering dedication. Life's greatest gift is to give, and our military veterans prove it every day they serve.

Soon after I went into semi-retirement I decided to do volunteer work—I had a strong feeling that it was time to give something back to our military veterans. I had no difficulty in deciding to work at a VA Hospital. Outside of my family it is the most important thing I do with my life these days. The gratification I get is something eternal, something enduring I can hold on to.

I feel deeply for Vietnam veterans, and regret they did not get the full measure of support they so justly deserved. The post-Vietnam experience was disappointing, given the deplorable treatment afforded military veterans upon returning home. Such treatment still remains a terrible wound in the psyche of this country. We know the war was an unpopular one—not that any war can be popular. What aggravates me, though, is that the American people took out their frustration on the military veterans.

Judging from our recent involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, we seemed to have learned a hard and valuable lesson. Again we are involved with a controversial political and military agenda. This time, however, our military veterans are receiving our full support.

White Sails deals with real life and death situations that our military veterans experienced.