Memoir of a Seafaring Heritage

Legacies get passed down in different ways. Some in the form of antiques, letters, a memoir or anything handed down from the past.

Close your eyes, listen to the wind blow, feel the breeze and the smell of the salty air: Journey with me as we take a journey with our author as he takes us to the many places around the world. His legacy, his passion for the sea, creating model ships and his maritime career are all part of his heritage and legacy that he is passing down to his family and now his readers. Welcome aboard and enjoy the seafaring journey as author Nicholas F. Starace II, invites you into his life via his memoir White Sails Became Me. He shares his life, his memoir, and his beginnings, while describing his feelings towards his family and the upbringing that made him the strong-minded, hardworking, humble man he is today.

The memoir begins with an incident that would frighten and dissuade many from flying. Our author describes at the start of his memoir a terrorist attack that would forever change his perspective on life, his marriage and his goals. Pan American Flight 830 was bombed as he sat just a few rows ahead of the man who thought nothing of putting explosives under the seat of a Japanese boy and killing him and injuring so many others.

A memoir always starts at the beginning so let's take a journey back in time with our author and see where his life began and how he came to the present. This is a great memoir for anyone who enjoys reading about the sea, naval experiences and wants to relive the past and enjoy learning about the present.

"Outstanding Memoir" by Fran Lewis, Reviewer