Living and Working Abroad

Living and working abroad sends us many messages when we least expect them. From his living and working abroad and his return trips to Japan, England and many other places, the one that stands out for him is his visit to his mother's home town and visiting her old oak tree and feeling her warmth and presence.

Take the trip, visit the places, close your eyes and envision the detailed descriptions of living and working abroad, of war torn cities, countries and the majesty of the world and read this memoir of one man who definitely fulfilled his dreams while living and working abroad. Seafaring naval officer, merchant mariner, ship model creator, model, international executive, actor, yachtsman, awards winner, volunteer and much more, which would make his mother proud of what her son accomplished and worthy of his father's praise.

Read this informative and historically filled memoir about living and working abroad, and take the trip that I have already traveled along with the author. We see that life is too short to only focus on your career, your wants and your needs. The one thing the author learned and came full circle with is time. You can't get it back once it's gone.

Living and working abroad puts a strain on his marriage. Ronnie became the head of the household and took on more responsibilities for running her family than most women would. Each time the author and his family return from living and working abroad you can feel the strain on him and his desire to reunite with living and working abroad.

This is a great memoir for anyone who wants firsthand knowledge of living and working abroad—White Sails will take you there!

"Outstanding Memoir" by Fran Lewis, Reviewer