Family Saga: A Story of Inspiration

During my family saga I've probably had more than my share of close calls. As I look back on those incidents I am thankful that my guardian angel works overtime. Sometimes I think my family saga reads like a soap opera—a son's suicide, divorce, cancer survivor, two children involved in near-death car accidents, loss of my daughter-in-law, several near-death experiences, earthquake survivor, numerous surgeries, military death in the family, survivor of terrorism and of hurricanes and typhoons.

The 1990s would become the most agonizing in my family saga. I had always considered myself the classical Capricorn: that sure-footed mountain goat that stubbornly keeps climbing the mountain to overcome whatever obstacles may appear.

Clearly, the greatest loss of my family saga was that of my son Nicky at the age of 26. His death woke the family to the chaotic nature of life, and to utter despair. But I had to get on with my life and face up to the responsibilities around me. The final joy for me is to know that upon entering the Pearly Gates, I will hear the good Lord whisper in my ear, "Your boy is waiting for you."

The Foreword to White Sail Became Me, reminds us that Nick Starace's family saga, "Gives us hope for the future and consequently the strength to soldier on. His family saga, fraught with challenges, obstacles, tragedy and triumph teaches us that we as individuals and as a society can persevere and carve out a positive future."

In my family saga I have tried to provide inspiration for those facing defeat. White Sails recounts the trials I faced and the importance of bouncing back!