Family Legacy: Through the Generations

For well over a century our family thrived in this country, achieving the American Dream while shaping a family legacy. Step by step, each generation got closer and closer to the dream's fulfillment and shaping the family legacy, even while the very concept of America was changing at home and abroad.

For better or worse much of that change was brought about by its military involvement worldwide. In the case of my family, a part of the family legacy they leave us comes from the enormous sacrifices made by virtue of their call to arms. My family was one of the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their story must be told, and should always remain part of the family legacy.

It is necessary to realize that a family legacy cannot become reality without continued hard work and sacrifice—sacrifices to give children an education, to enhance their development, and to afford opportunity. And so it is vitally important that we remain vigilant. We must continue to work hard and make sacrifices in order for the family legacy to survive.

Like my grandfather, I take special pleasure in the historical side of ship modeling. His subjects were always about ships with white sails. Inspired by him, and emulating his family legacy it has always been my philosophy to only build ship models that reflect a part of America's maritime heritage such as the American clipper.

Years from now when my grandsons read this book I want them to know and fully understand the path my life took, for that too defines part of the family legacy and is one of the reasons why I wrote White Sails Became Me.