Deep-Sea Fishing for the Tenacious Sailfish

Paradoxically, this deep-sea fishing story has a very sad ending, even though I caught the big one.

Acapulco has a very unique allure—deep-sea fishing.

After two hours of deep-sea fishing I got the only hit of the day. I thought it was going to pull me right out of the boat. It wasn't until the huge fish (158 pounds, 10' 2" long) broke water that I realized how magnificent it was. I struggled with that beast for approximately thirty minutes before getting it alongside.

After it was gaffed and hauled on board it turned colorless. How sad, I thought, to destroy such a beautiful creature. The fact that they are not edible meant our deep-sea fishing adventure killed this poor creature solely for "sport." I was beginning to feel great remorse, not realizing the worst was yet to come.

As we headed back in, we spotted another sailfish astern of us. We could not believe it, but it seemed to be following us back to port. We started chumming, but the captain decided to stop deep-sea fishing and to head in. He said it was hopeless because it was probably the mate of the one we had caught. My heart sank. Now I was truly devastated.

That poor fish followed us in to the entrance of Acapulco Bay, at which point it broke off and headed out to sea—alone! I had my fill of deep-sea fishing—I vowed to never go deep-sea fishing again.

But I have to admit that even before deep-sea fishing in Acapulco, I had a few other harrowing experiences. White Sails delves into my octopus catch in South Africa and a friend nearly cutting off his finger while handling bait. Oh, then there was my near-death deep-sea fishing incident in pursuit of the pugnacious bluefish.