Cancer Survivor: Never Lose Hope

I had always considered myself the classical Capricorn: that sure-footed mountain goat that stubbornly keeps climbing the mountain to overcome whatever obstacles may appear, and no matter what catastrophes may occur. Now I would face the challenge of becoming a cancer survivor.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I had options insofar as the treatment. To become a cancer survivor I would have to have my prostate gland surgically removed (prostatectomy), or have radiation therapy, or radioactive seed implants.

Following my urologist's recommendation, I read The ABCs of Prostate Cancer. I read as much as I could on the subject, getting second and third opinions, and talking with other men who were cancer survivors. I consulted with my niece Patricia M. Camuto, MD, an Attending Physician, board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Her assistance in confirming the urologist's diagnosis and proposed treatment plan was invaluable, as it gave me that extra measure of confidence I needed to make a tough decision.

I opted for the prostatectomy. For someone my age that seemed to afford the best prospect to become a cancer survivor. After successful surgery I had the newly earned distinction of "cancer survivor."

As a cancer survivor the challenge was to get through the convalescence, and this is where my daughter Dorine saved the day. Her tender love and care and emotional support made a full recovery possible. Clearly, as a cancer survivor, I had a new respect for the sanctity of life.

If you are a cancer survivor or have been diagnosed with cancer, White Sails may help you, not with psychobabble, but with simple words that can bring HOPE and comfort; words about the importance of early detection and a positive attitude; words about the need to never give up and to never, never lose heart!